Europan 14 - Aschaffenburg

Project shortlisted

From the project presentation:

Schillerstasse: from infrastructure to productive street

Since the traffic on Schillerstrasse will be calmed thanks to the construction of a new bypass, we have redesigned the section of the street, transforming it into a tree-lined road with deep sidewalks, cycle paths and productive and social activities.
Most of the existing buildings that face the street have dwellings situated on the ground floor.
The masterplan of the strategic site plans to transform the ground floor residential units on the street into productive and commercial activities.
These activities will be connected between them by a basement that connects the ground floors of the buildings (approximately 80cm higher) with the sidewalk.
Part of the basement area will be covered by a light roof, and some kiosks will added between the buildings. This space will be a filter between the street and the private spaces and gardens that are placed in the inner areas.
The parking lots In the inner areas between the buildings will be removed.
Two underground parkings have been planned: one is in the project site and another one in the area just below the strategic site.
All the dwellings that will be removed from the ground floors of the existing buildings will be replaced in a new building that is planned in place of the petrol station.

Project site

The outside walls of the high rise building will be removed and a lightweight steel structure (2 meters deep) will replace them in order to help the load-bearing concrete walls’ structure.
The framework will increase also the surface of the dwellings and adds to all of them an exterior private space.
Instead of the concrete walls the flats will be surrounded by big windows with different layers of curtains that will expand or reduce the space depending on the uses.
The building will be heightened with the addition of a new floor.
Two small buildings will be placed on the project site, in order to increase the number of dwellings of the site. The buildings have been placed respecting the urban laws about the distances.
The three buildings will be surrounded by a steel framework that will contain the new private exterior spaces.
On the ground floor both the high rise building and the new ones will host commercial, productive and social activities.
The three buildings will be connected by a lightweight roof.
On the back the three buildings will form a court where a playground for children and a garden will take place.
An underground parking of 4000 sq. m will be placed below the project site.